Must see: The dog in the rubble

I was going to Greenroom it, but after 24 hours of despair we all need this. The front page will make it reach a bit further to those who haven’t seen it yet. How does it feel to lose everything you had and then suddenly have everything you need? You’ll see. If you’re looking for a hopeful tableau in the wake of the Moore twister, you can’t do better than a granny joyously hugging her little dog in the ruins of her home.

Oh, and if you’re looking for villains beyond Mother Nature (it’s a firm rule of modern politics that all natural disasters must have partisan malefactors), the left thoughtfully nominates Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe for the crime of supporting federal disaster aid to their home state but insisting that the spending be offset by cutting less critical expenditures. The proper response to any emergency is to blindly throw boatloads of money that we don’t have at it with little accountability for how it’s spent. We’ll know how much they really care about Oklahoma by how willing they are to keep funnelling money into non-emergency spending elsewhere.