Video: Crowd applauds as GOP rep Mike Kelly lays into former IRS chief at hearing

Via Greg Hengler, the word from the Republican intelligentsia is to go ight-lay on the andstanding-gray to make it harder for the White House to hide behind the “partisan politicization” fig leaf, but there’s nothing especially partisan about this rant. Kelly’s hot not so much because right-wing groups were targeted but because the IRS is pleading incompetence and mismanagement as a defense when that would never fly for a taxpayer. It’s pure populism, which is the way to go if you’re going to go this route. And Miller actually helped him out: He seemed more irritated during the hearing than contrite, so any (small) risk of viewers tuning in and feeling sympathy for a former taxman-in-chief being pummeled by the opposition party is probably up in smoke.

Exit question: Were viewers tuned in? Hmmmm.