Hicks: Oddly enough, State started criticizing my performance only after I challenged them about Benghazi

Via NRO, it’s not in the clip but he went on to say that he received the equivalent of a demotion after he started questioning his superiors about Susan Rice’s nonsense. Here’s his diplomatic record per Foreign Policy:

With a 22-year career at the State Department, Hicks has distinguished record of service in six overseas assignments in Bahrain, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and The Gambia. In the course of his service, he’s received six Meritorious Service Increases, three individual Meritorious Honor Awards, and four individual Superior Honor Awards. At the time of the attack in Benghazi, Hicks was the number two U.S. official in Libya.

More than 20 years stationed all over the Middle East, replete with awards and, allegedly, phone calls from both the president and the secretary of state after the Benghazi attack to commend him for his actions — and suddenly, after he started asking questions about Susan Rice, his “management style” was unacceptable. How does a guy with management deficiencies rise to number two in Libya, one of the most perilous diplomatic posts in the world? Should we start asking State instead to explain why they’re promoting alleged incompetents?

Here’s the significance of Hicks’s testimony from a media standpoint: Whether he’s telling the truth or not, it’s now a story requiring further investigation. If he’s really the disgruntled axe-grinder Hillaryland will inevitably claim that he is, he’s effectively perjured himself on a matter of grave national-security import. If he’s telling the truth, then Hillary and her deputies retaliated against a decorated diplomat for the crime of questioning their initial bogus narrative about the attack. The public needs to know, either way. If the press refuses to pursue this, it’s essentially a green light to Obama’s administration to retaliate against future whistleblowers on the assumption that the dismissive “disgruntled employee” explanation will be accepted without checking too much into it. If you’re a manager in some government agency and your underling challenges you, demote him/her and then claim axe-grinding if he/she goes public. We’ll see tomorrow and Friday how much afflicting-of-the-comfortable our fearless media is up for.

Early indications don’t look good.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023