Video: American culture now generating entire movie franchises about Thor

To cleanse the palate. Alternate headline: “American culture now generating magazines willing to do shot-by-shot analyses of movie trailers about Thor.” I’ve said this before but it’s been awhile, so let me say it again: The Aquaman movie is coming. Not now, maybe not soon, but eventually. It has to, if only by process of elimination. Someday you’ll be standing in front of a theater, staring at an “Aquaman” movie poster, glancing at the ticket window, and wondering if you can go through with it. But there’ll be nothing else playing except Thor VIII and the seventeenth reboot of “Spider-Man,” and you’ll already have seen each of those three times apiece. At that moment, as you take your first tentative step towards the cashier, know this: You made this happen. You could have said no to Thor VII and the sixteenth Spidey reboot, but you went anyway. You rewarded them for it. And now, oblivion.

Interesting cast for this one, though. Lots of good actors, plus Natalie Portman. Exit prediction: By, say, 2025, all films released each year by Hollywood will take place in the same universe. Even Tarantino’s movies will be contractually required to include an Iron Man cameo or whatever.

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