Chaplain Emil Kapaun receives the Medal of Honor posthumously

The best thing you’ll read all day is this Katherine Miller piece at the Free Beacon recounting Kapaun’s heroism in Korea under fire and as a prisoner of the Chinese. I confess I’d never heard of him until recently; if you hadn’t either, make amends now. The Medal of Honor’s typically awarded for a discrete act of valor but Kapaun’s glory is really his total indomitability from battlefield to POW camp. His story reminds me a bit of Franz Jagerstatter’s, in case that’s an extra inducement to spend some time with this. Lay aside your dislike of O for a bit and listen to him describe Kapaun’s ordeal at today’s medal ceremony. It’s amazing that he isn’t more widely known.

The Army’s chaplain corps is proud today, as it should be.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023