New MSNBC promo: You have the right to health care, education, housing, and food at all times

Via Newsbusters, something to tide you over on a news day that started out fast and has slowed considerably. Give Harris-Perry credit, at least, for fine-tuning her messaging. You’re not going to sell swing voters on far-left liberalism by telling them their kids don’t really belong to them, but tell them that they have a right “at all times” to things they need and you’re golden. If you polled the public on whether people should have a right to all of this, where would the numbers top out? Seventy percent? Eighty? The American public loves, loves, loves government spending, partly because they’re never asked to consider the zero-sum nature of federal expenditures in a budget that balances and partly because they still don’t fully appreciate the consequences of endless borrowing. Both parties spent years shrugging at the fallacy that current spending levels can be supported by current tax rates. Under those circumstances, why wouldn’t the average low-information think everyone should have the right to housing, food, etc? Throw in the right to phone service and personal transportation while you’re at it. Put it on our collective tab.

Note, per Newsbusters, that she’s all for having the most productive members of society earn “a little more.” Whew. By the way, if you think these promos are bad now, just wait.