Question for Planned Parenthood official: What should happen to a baby born alive after a botched abortion?

Via John McCormack at the Weekly Standard, some words of wisdom from the Kermit Gosnell school of “women’s health.” Say this much for her: As monstrous as this is, at least she’s consistent. It’s a strange mindset that would suddenly demand that a doctor rescue a baby in peril after giving him the green light to kill it in the womb 10 minutes earlier. The only situation I can think of where someone’s typically asked to switch from assailant to savior in the blink of an eye is when cops or soldiers wound an armed enemy in the course of defending themselves. In all other cases, a person who’s made the decision to kill will, if left uninterrupted, tend to finish the job. Pro-lifers have always argued that it’s silly and arbitrary to make birth (or viability) some key threshold for personhood. In her own ominous way, she’s agreeing with that. If a mother and her doctor have decided to kill, why stop at accidental birth? Why not let them finish the job? Free Gosnell!

As a practical matter, even if Florida’s law requiring rescue is enacted, how many abortionists do you suppose would actually follow it in the privacy of the “exam room” in cases of accidental birth?

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