Video: "The Wolverine" trailer

To cleanse the palate, here’s how ignorant I am about superhero movies: I thought this was the third or fourth installment in the “Wolverine” series. I knew of the character, I knew Jackman had played him multiple times — it was a logical assumption. But why would they call the third or fourth movie “The Wolverine”? Why not “Wolverine IV” or “The Wolverine Rises” or something? Were they doing a back-to-basics thing, like the Beatles waiting until their tenth album to call it “The Beatles”? Nope. Turns out the last 800 movies he was in were all part of the X-Men series. This is his first solo gig. The more you know.

As a superhero novice, I watch these trailers purely out of curiosity to see how different each looks from every other superhero trailer. This one’s set in Japan, so there you go.

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