Video: Colion Noir's first segment at NRA News on gun control

Via Andy at Ace’s site. A confession of my own ignorance: Until two weeks ago, when NRA News announced he was joining their team, I’d never heard of Colion Noir. Evidently I’m one of the few people on the right who hasn’t, because the number of YouTube views he’s gotten for some of his freelance pro-gun commentaries over the past year is mind-boggling by the standards of political video. He’s already a superstar in gun-rights circles; it’s just taken a bit longer for some of us more casual gun-rights supporters to catch up.

Here’s his first official vid for the NRA plus the most popular clip he cut while he was independent. Something to enjoy while you’re celebrating the demise of the assault-weapons ban in the Senate at Democratic hands.

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Ben Shapiro 12:01 AM on June 01, 2023