Bloomberg on the soda ban: It's our job in government to educate people on what they're doing to themselves

Worth posting for what Bloomy says at 1:03 about how this is all just a big information campaign and that, once people are armed with the facts, it’s up to them to make their own decisions. Really? Then how come New Yorkers can’t decide to consume food containing trans fats at city restaurants? And if it’s all about education, why try to limit soda portions rather than make nutritional information about sugar and calorie counts more prominent at eateries and convenience stories? We’ve already got photos of corpses coming to American cigarette packs in case you’re one of the three morons left who hasn’t heard yet that smokes can give you cancer. For soda, you could cancel the 16-ounce restriction and simply put the skull and crossbones on the side of Big Gulps, or maybe a photo of Mr. Creosote post-explosion. Don’t take food and drink out of my hands, damn it. Just terrify me until I’m queasy and don’t want to eat anymore.

I prefer the Jan Schakowskys of the world to this guy because at least they’re honest about their ambitions. I prefer Dave to Bloomy in this segment too, as here you get to see the doctrinaire liberal in contrast with the unorthodox No Labels version. Letterman’s all about going after corporations but Bloomberg, the man of Wall Street, hesitates. Why harass a profit-making enterprise when you could harass individual citizens instead? I’ll leave you with this, from his latest press conference: “It was not a setback for me – this is a setback for the people who are dying. In case you hadn’t noticed, I watch my diet. This is not for me.”