Video: Third movie in terrible trilogy looks terrible

To cleanse the palate, a snapshot of American decline. You all know my feelings on this; you also know that, no matter what I say, you’re going to see it anyway, maybe two or three times. (Per Wikipedia, the first two movies have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. No typo.) So here’s the good news: They’re sticking strictly to the formula. They’re back in Vegas; the big three are there; Heather Graham is there; the stereotypical funny-talking Asian guy is there; they’ve even got the traditional wild-animal gag (the tiger in the first one, the monkey in the second, now the giraffe). I’ll give them the credit for aiming the trailer here directly at their target audience. Watch it, and if you don’t see the giraffe joke coming from a mile away, buy your ticket today. There’s no way you won’t enjoy the movie.

Speaking of terrible trilogies and lamentable sequel ideas, George Lucas kinda sorta confirmed to Business Week that his own big three will return for “Star Wars Episode VII.” You know my feelings about that too. Exit question via io9: Er, isn’t the big selling point of the new “Star Wars” movies supposed to be the fact that Lucas is no longer involved? If he’s liaising with Hamill, Fisher, and Ford, does that mean his role will be bigger than we think?