Too bad to check: Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo in new "Star Wars" movies?

Five years ago this would have been exciting. Then we got to test the waters with geriatric Indy in “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” And now here we are.

Opening scene of Episode VII: Fade in to Han and a gray-furred Chewbacca playing shuffleboard on the Millennium Falcon…

According to a new report, one of the most beloved Star Wars characters is indeed going to be back, portrayed by the actor who originated the role, as Latino Review is reporting that Harrison Ford is set to return as Han Solo for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Latino Review broke the news via an appearance by the site’s El Mayimbe on Fox News Latino, where he said, “It’s official. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies.” While not infallible, Latino Review has broken many big film stories that were indeed confirmed down the line and El Mayimbe stated, “I found that out yesterday. I did my due diligence, like I do with everything. Triple checked. Legitimate sources.”

Entertainment Weekly claimed back in November that Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher are all open to appearing in the next movies, so if you’re a fan of callback stunt cameos designed to make fanboys leap to their feet and applaud in tribute, this could be an embarrassment of riches. More from io9:

As a personal aside, does anyone else think bringing back any of the original trilogy characters is a terrible idea besides me? I literally have no desire to see old Mark Hamill, old Carrie Fisher, and ancient Harrison Ford in their iconic roles. The idea of seeing Han Solo shuffle around the Millennium Falcon and ease himself gently into the cockpit just sounds like the worst thing ever to me.

I’d rather remember my childhood heroes as young and vibrant and badass and not hideously old. Honestly, I’d much prefer to have new actors cast as 40-something Han, Luke and Leia as opposed to getting the originals to repirse their roles. Am I alone in this? Does this make me a bad Star Wars fan?

I too would prefer to remember Han as looking like Harrison Ford, not Ed Asner. Here’s the real problem: There are only three basic ways a Ford reprise can go and they’re all tediously familiar. First, of course, the stunt cameo. A bunch of new younger characters will be talking and one of them will say, “I’d like you to meet my wise, experienced elderly mentor/associate,” and then suddenly the crowd will part and there he’ll be, Harrison Ford as Han Farking Solo. Won’t matter what he says or does after that; the whole point of putting him in the movie is simply to make that moment possible. Meh. And double meh if they go the extra hacky route of pulling the stunt cameo in some sort of flashback. Second, they could give him a more substantial role by having him climb the ranks of the Rebel Alliance and appear as a General or Admiral, etc. Minor problem: That shtick has already been done, rather famously, and “Star Wars” doesn’t need any more “Star Trek” comparisons with J.J. Abrams taking over. Third, they could take the opposite route, recasting Han as an outsider rather than an insider, and put him in some sort of Rick Blaine/Rooster Cogburn scenario as the retired but still formidable rogue who’s being enlisted for One Last Mission on behalf of the good guys. Having him split from the Alliance over some irrelevant dispute and then reluctantly return to the fold in glory to save the day would be truer to his character anyway. I bet they go that route if they don’t go the stunt-cameo route, which, let’s face it, they probably will.

Exit question: Who’ll play young Han, though? And don’t say La Beef. Please. After the dismal reviews for “Crystal Skull,” Disney won’t go anywhere near that pairing.