Revealed: Why Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at Boehner

An understandable reaction in hindsight once you know what was said. Quote: “Another term for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, huh?”

No, no, I kid. I’m sure the Obamas love Debbie. Which is why O just assigned Jim Messina to basically do her job from now on. The truth is more prosaic:

So what was said? We asked expert lip reader Larry Wenig. Wenig believes John Boehner is asking President Obama whether he had a chance to have a cigarette before the luncheon.

President Obama gave up cigarettes three years ago. Boehner is a known chain smoker.

Our lip reader, Wenig, caught Boehner saying, “Somebody won’t let you do it”, referring to Michelle, which prompted the first lady’s big eye roll.

Boehner’s office denies it but that does look like a decent match to the video in my entirely inexpert opinion. Obama pats her on the shoulder too, which I didn’t notice initially, suggesting that Boehner did refer somehow to Michelle. Only one thing is certain, my friends: The eventual “bad lip-reading” video for yesterday’s frenemies lunch is going to be the best evah.

Semi-serious exit question: Isn’t it way, way past time for America to have a blog devoted to reading lips at prominent political/entertainment/sports events?

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