New video of Morsi, 2010: Obama lied to Egyptians, we must nurture hatred for Israel and Jews in our children

Something new from MEMRI TV that you shouldn’t much care about because U.S. diplomats have given him a stern talking-to and anyway peace is all about getting along with people who want you eliminated or something. The fun thing about this clip coming so soon after the other video of Morsi ranting about Jews surfaced is that it suggests MEMRI has an entire vault of this stuff that they’re waiting to roll out piecemeal. And why wouldn’t they? Morsi was a prominent voice in the Brotherhood and his anti-Semitic screeching is Brotherhood boilerplate. (There’s a special charm to a politician emphasizing that children should be nurtured on hatred.) There must be loads of this crap archived on Islamist websites. The only mystery is whether MEMRI was smart enough to download all of it before they went public with what they’ve found. Egyptian officials who are eager for U.S. aid are surely scouring the old footage as I write this.

It’s not clear which Obama lies he’s thinking of, but presumably he means that O talked up Arab democracy in his Cairo speech and then did nothing to follow through. That was 2010, with Mubarak still in power; a year later, Mubarak was gone thanks in part to a shove from the White House designed to endear America to the opportunistic democrats of the Arab Spring. This cretin, and a political culture that does things like this, ironically were unleashed because Obama decided that criticisms like this were right — the Cairo speech would be a big lie if he didn’t support Islamist democrats over a secular dictator. Here’s the world’s reward for him being a man of his word.