MSNBC wonders: Is it disrespectful to call Obama "Obama"?

Via Mediaite, manufactured-grievance theater for the progressive faithful. Kornacki can be an insightful writer so I assume his interest in this moronic subject is mainly to fill airtime during a slow news week, as an empty validation of the “sensitivities” of MSNBC’s audience. The real offender is Krystal Ball chiming in with her theory that Obama’s somehow been uniquely disrespected as president. Ask Bill Clinton or George Bush about that. If I recall lefty blogging circa 2006 correctly, Dubya was some sort of chimpanzee who’d evolved into Hitler. If you ever watched five minutes of Olbermann, you know how “respected” the president was on this network; if you’ve watched five minutes of Matthews or O’Donnell or Martin Bashir, you know how respected President Romney would have been. (Here’s a clue.) Strong partisans have been loathing presidents from the other party since forever, and they reliably develop amnesia afterward about just how much loathing there was. If calling Bush “Bush” is okay but calling Obama “Obama” isn’t, then you’re copping to a double standard for Bambi. And it’s one that’ll do him and other minority politicians who deserve equal treatment from voters more harm than good long-term.

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