Video: The hottest movie gun violence from celebrities against gun violence

Via Red State, the sequel to this should be “Highest personal carbon footprints by celebrities against global warming.” The defense here will be that it’s all just make believe and has no influence on the culture generally or on degenerate lunatics like Adam Lanza specifically. That’s fine by me, but it sure is funny how eager Hollywood is in other circumstances to boast about how much influence over the culture it has. Oddly enough, it’s only the good outcomes that are attributable to them, not the bad.

Michael Moore once made a movie puzzling over the fact that while other countries have plenty of guns too, none of them has as much gun violence as America. Well, none of them has a glamour industry as sophisticated as America’s either, and there’s nothing that that industry likes to glamorize more than violence, especially violence involving guns. Even the people who start out opposed to it seem to get sucked in. I remember a college prof marveling at how real and sordid the killings looked in “Taxi Driver” vis-a-vis how stylish and cartoonish they seemed just 15 years later in “GoodFellas.” Note to Hollywood: If you’re scoring images of guys hung on meat hooks to the piano part of “Layla,” you should probably hold off on lectures.

These people are going to be awfully disappointed when their hero gives up on the cause early next year. He’s already preparing the ground to blame everyone except himself.