Video: Union members tear down AFP tent at right-to-work rally in Michigan

Two clips via Lee Stranahan and Liberty News Network, respectively, of the union id unleashed after RTW passed the Michigan House this morning. One of the reliable perks when Republican legislatures try to rein in union power is watching the left’s “civility” sanctimony instantly dissolve into more traditional forms of direct action practiced by labor. The “new tone” demagoguery of tea partiers after the Tucson shooting was fraudulent from the word go, but days like this remind you just how fraudulent it was. Case in point, some Democratic cretin went so far as to warn on the state House floor this morning that “There will be blood.” Here’s Steven Crowder live on the scene to prove him right, claiming he got a few fistfuls of “new tone” for his trouble:

One open question: Did they target AFP specifically, because it’s Koch-affiliated and an ardent opponent of big labor, or did they target it just because it was there and not part of The Cause? Wouldn’t be the first time that liberal heroes couldn’t control themselves outside an AFP event.