Video: Time to post that "Star Trek" trailer that you've probably already seen

Why post it if you’ve already seen it? Because (a) with “The Walking Dead” on mid-season hiatus, I have nothing to whine about in the weekly Monday night whine-about-TV slot. And (b) I need a Trek fan to explain to me the appeal of this trailer, assuming there is any. I didn’t see the 2009 reboot but I can understand the fun of watching iconic characters reimagined and put through their paces onboard the Enterprise. This clip doesn’t feel like Trek at all, though. If not for the uniforms, it’d be a generic sci-fi/fantasy thriller. Question, then: How much of the appeal here is Trek-related and how much of it is simply that it’s J.J. Abrams and the first film was solid and this one has a nice little “Wrath of Khan” vibe going on and the F/X look sweet and therefore you’re all but guaranteed a good show, even if the only vividly Trek-related element in the movie are Spock’s ears? Is it pure branding, in other words? I.e. if you loved the original series and TNG, you’re duty bound to see this? Or are you expecting something more, like seeing them play with the conventions of the series?