Video: "Warm Bodies" trailer

To cleanse the palate after a long, slow, post-election news week. I’ve seen featurettes that tackled the zombie genre from the zombie’s point of view — this was excellent — but this is the first full-length feature I’m aware of. Which makes sense: There’s loads of pathos and sympathy to be mined from the zombie predicament, but how do you do it over 90 minutes when your main character can only shuffle and grunt? Here’s one way. Feels like a cross between “Twilight” (this was produced by the same studio) and “Shaun of the Dead.” They copped out by not making the zombies more gruesome, but they’re goofing on the genre. It’s a meet-cute romantic comedy; it’s just that one of the leads is undead.

I’d honestly like to see a drama in this mold. It’d be difficult, but Romero did a decent enough job with the scenes between the scientist and “Bub” in “Day of the Dead.” “The Walking Dead” has had a few nice moments too playing with the lingering bond between survivors and their zombified loved ones. The scene of the Governor brushing his dead little girl’s hair in the last episode was affecting. Although I still can’t figure out why she didn’t bite him.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022