Today's plot twist: Police find Paula Broadwell's driver's license in D.C. park

Between this, the accusations against Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley, and the feds following a routine e-mail harassment case all the way up to the top of the CIA, we’re now looking at what’s easily the best spy thriller since “No Way Out.” At this point there’s no way that the growing cast of characters doesn’t contain someone who’ll end up speaking Russian in the final scene. Time to start a Hot Air pool on who it’ll be? Put me down for five on the shirtless FBI agent. He’s my favorite.

Before the conspiracy theories start, Broadwell has reportedly been in touch with her neighbors and is simply lying low while the spotlight’s on her. No reason to think her disappearance is shady in any way or that this is more than a coincidence. But still — dude?

The woman revealed to have been carrying on an affair with former CIA Director David Petraeus lost her driver’s license in a Washington, D.C., park recently, sources tell U.S. News.

A Maryland National Capital Park Police spokesman confirmed that a jogger found a North Carolina license in Rock Creek Park belonging to Paula Broadwell. Park Police planned to hold it for 90 days, per policy, and then send it back to the North Carolina Department of Transportation…

Broadwell’s attorney, Robert F. Muse, confirmed that Broadwell, a North Carolina resident, lost her driver’s license in the park.

Rock Creek Park is also where Chandra Levy’s remains were discovered. Do you know what that means? Because I don’t, so tell me if so. Either way, I guarantee you that someone’s going to mention it in the scene where Broadwell’s license is found in the TV movie about all this.

This’ll make for an exciting scene too:

The South Tampa woman connected to the Gen. David Petraeus scandal has called police to her home several times in the last few days, and at least once tried to invoke “diplomatic protection.”…

Two 911 calls were made from the Kelleys’ home on Sunday. In the first recording, a man whose name was redacted says there is someone at the door who won’t leave his property. The second caller, who identifies herself as Jill, says there’s someone lurking in their yard…

“You know, I don’t know if by any chance, because I’m an honorary consul general, so I have inviolability, so they should not be able to cross my property. I don’t know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well,” she told the 911 dispatcher, who agreed to pass the information along to police.

Kelley’s role at Central Command has been described as “unpaid social liaison,” which isn’t an official position and which several officers who spoke to Business Insider say they’ve never heard of before. It seems to have consisted largely of throwing lavish parties for high-ranking military officers. That may or may not be how she met Gen. Allen. But the latest from defense sources about the new allegations is that … in fact, there was no affair between the two. It’s a big misunderstanding:

“There was no affair,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The emails in question could be misconstrued, the official said, predicting that the investigation will prove Allen’s innocence…

The official said that the Allens and Kelleys were “family friends,” and the emails were written in that manner. Many of the emails were not personal communications between the general and Jill Kelley, the official added, but included Allen’s wife. And many were between Allen’s wife and Jill Kelley, with General Allen just copied, the official said.

Supposedly, the claims this morning of 20-30,000 e-mails between her and Allen are all wrong; that number represents a wider batch of total e-mail traffic, with e-mails between Allen and Kelley (and Allen’s wife) scattered throughout. If it does turn out that her relationship with Allen was platonic, then the woman who’s been cast as the lead in the media’s “Real Housewives of CENTCOM” show will stand accused of having done nothing wrong at all, even as they dig into her finances and her family’s personal troubles. (The latest tidbit: Her sister reportedly once dated Charlie Crist.) If she really is a completely innocent bystander, then between those catty e-mails, the shirtless FBI agent, and the accusations about Allen, she must feel like she’s trapped in a waking nightmare right now.

Oh — speaking of shirtless FBI agent, read this quickie Greenroom post from this morning if you haven’t yet. There were two narratives about him circulating in the media yesterday. One, the WSJ’s, implied that he was obsessed with unraveling this case because he was obsessed with Kelley, to the point where he’d compromised the investigation by sending her shirtless photos of himself. The NYT’s version, though, is that he’d known Kelley before any of this happened and had sent her the photos sometime in the past. Then Kelley sought him out for help when she got the e-mails from Broadwell and he had become obsessed with the case because of his political “worldview.” So which is it? Weird crush or ideological fervor? NBC claims to know the answer:

The agent’s supervisors felt he was infatuated with Kelley, whom he knew before the investigation, and had expressed his affection for her inappropriately.

That included sending shirtless pictures of himself to Kelley before the email probe began, officials told NBC News.

Infatuation theory 2, “worldview” theory 1 — although they’re not mutually exclusive, of course. Then again, if Kelley was already weirded out by this guy sending her photos, why ask him for help with Broadwell’s e-mails? Was she so terribly alarmed by “catty” stuff like this that she’d ask Agent Barechest to get on the case?

If you can believe it, David Petraeus apparently thought none of this might ever come out.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022