Video: Hey, how about Romney for Obama's "Secretary of Business"?

Via Mediaite, I’ve seen this idea kicked around enough the last two days that I thought I’d put it out there. Romney’s enough of a mensch that, if Obama came to him with the idea and pitched it as something to be done for the good of the country, I bet he’d seriously consider it. Notwithstanding the recent … unpleasantness:

At a breakfast on Wednesday morning for top campaign advisers and donors, Mr. Romney marveled at the Obama campaign’s ability to turn out such a large volume of voters on Election Day, though at times by using strategies that he said had unfairly maligned him.

He did little to hide his frustration and pique: he bemoaned attempts by the president and his allies to characterize him as an enemy of women, singling out advertisements that claimed he opposed contraception and abortion in all cases. That, Mr. Romney said, is simply untrue, according to those who attended the breakfast.

Would a guy who can go be a major player in business again by joining some company as CEO really want a dumb quasi-ceremonial liaison position like “Secretary of Business”? And would Obama, whose disdain for Romney is an open secret, actually entertain the idea? He just got done caricaturing Romney as a retrograde tax-cheating plutocrat who’s looted the working man through his business endeavors, and now he’s going to turn around and make him the federal government’s de facto ambassador to business? What?