Video: Don't forget to vote for abortion rights tomorrow, mommy

Via Life News, a bit of election eve good cheer from the Twitter feed of Planned Parenthood’s PAC. Just this morning I was thinking, “You know what America’s abortion debate needs? More spokes-toddlers.” Reminds me of when companies in the food industry try to sell their product with cuddly cartoon representations of the creatures they’re harvesting. If only someone would take the logical next step and do a vid of an animated fetus extolling the virtues of “choice,” I think we might finally achieve the long elusive national consensus.

Coincidentally, I’m working on a pro-death penalty video featuring four-year-olds entitled, “Throw the Switch.” Exit question for moms: You’re not really going to vote for Mitt Romney tomorrow and deny your daughter the chance to deny you a granddaughter, are you?