Romney to visit Ohio -- and Pennsylvania -- tomorrow

I like it, especially the Pennsylvania visit. Even if he thinks PA’s a longshot, one more appearance can’t hurt and delivering an E-Day pep talk to Republicans in a big blue state that’s suddenly in play is a sweet morale booster for GOPers nationally. If anything, I wish he had time to squeeze in a visit to Chicago. Message: Not an inch will be conceded, even in the heart of Obamaland. One hundred percent Republican turnout or bust, no matter how long the odds are in a city or state. That’s the message of the Pennsylvania event, I think — make the effort tomorrow, however bluish-purple your particular playing field might be. Paul Ryan’s visit to Nevada, which is probably the safest of the toss-up states for O, is all about that too.

Aides said Mr. Romney would visit campaign offices in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Until now, his staff had said that a rally in New Hampshire Monday night would be his last event of the campaign.

The move reflects just how close the contest remains — Mr. Romney is determined to squeeze as much time in swing states as possible before polls close.

Politicking on Election Day, while not entirely unusual, is tricky because it risks siphoning off resources and manpower in crucial states from traditional get-out-the-vote efforts.

My hunch is that an in-state appearance by the candidate on election day does more to goose local turnout than the GOTV manpower lost during the candidate’s visit would have. Didn’t hurt Obama or Bush when they tried it:

Another good point:

Via Mediaite, here’s Andrea Mitchell pondering the significance of Pennsylvania possibly being in play. Dan McLaughlin noted earlier on Twitter that Rasmussen’s national polling of party affiliation now shows the biggest Republican advantage since at least 2004: 39.1R/33.3D/27.5 Other. In modern times, the GOP has never had a turnout advantage in a presidential election; the closest they came was drawing even with Democrats at 37 percent in 2004. If this election ends up R+1 or better, then, given Romney’s persistent lead with independents, I’m thinking we’ll all be long since drunk on champagne tomorrow night by the time Pennsylvania finally comes in. Fingers crossed.

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