Biden on Obama: There's never been a day in the last four years I've been proud to be his VP

Somewhere in the gray area between a gaffe and a Freudian slip lies this bon mot. I know where he’s coming from, though: There hasn’t been a day in the last four years when I wasn’t not proud to have this guy as VP.

I’m also not unashamed of The One. His latest revisionism, in fact, leaves me nonplussed:

Despite saying in 2009 that failing to right the economy in three years would mean a “one-term proposition,” President Obama on Thursday may have moved the goalposts.

“Now, we knew from the beginning that our work would take more than one year, or even one term — because let’s face it, the middle class was getting hammered long before the financial crisis hit,” Obama said in Green Bay, Wis., as he ventured back onto the campaign trail after a three-day hiatus due to super storm Sandy.

The only comfort to a bitter loss on Tuesday will be the prospect of Biden running in 2016 on the idea that, in fact, now that they’ve taken a gooooood long look at the numbers, it’ll actually take at least three or possibly even four consecutive terms of Democratic governance to get the economy moving again. The man who would be king is the first clip below; the second is the former king uttering today’s other big gaffe, which strikes me as distinctly of the Kinsleyan variety. The Biden vs. Clinton primary war four years from now will be traffic gold.

Update: A couple of readers e-mail to say they think Biden said “ain’t” or just sort of slurred over “haven’t been” instead of “I’ve,” as my headline has it. You make the call!

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