Jim Moran's son resigns from campaign after release of new James O'Keefe vid on voter fraud

I wonder how many Democratic operatives or midlevel media execs have declined shady propositions made in earnest over the last few years because they suspected they were being set up by an O’Keefe sting.

Given his notoriety by now, it’s kind of amazing that he keeps finding willing participants:

Project Veritas has released a new investigation that exposes Representative Jim Moran’s Field Director, Patrick Moran, conspiring to commit election fraud.

When approached by an undercover investigator for advice on how to steal the votes of more than 100 people, Moran advised falsifying documents to satisfy Virginia’s new voter ID law. He said, “Bank statement obviously would be tough, but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

Moran went on to clarify that, “You’d have to forge it.”…

The latest footage was gathered at the Organizing for America offices in Arlington, Virginia where Patrick Moran coordinates with OFA on his father’s campaign, efforts to re-elect President Obama, and the campaign to elect Time Kaine to the U.S. Senate.

The inevitable postscript:

Moran’s campaign issued a statement confirming the congressman’s son had stepped down.

“Patrick is well liked and was a well-respected member of the campaign team. This incident, however, was clearly an error in judgment. The campaign has accepted Patrick’s resignation, effective immediately,” the statement said.

The resignation comes just a day after Rep. Moran and two other Virginia Democrats — Reps. Gerry Connolly and Bobby Scott — had urged the Justice Department to launch an investigation into Strategic Allied Consulting, a GOP firm linked to separate allegations of voter registration fraud in Virginia and Florida.

I’m not sure why Moran’s worried about Republican voter fraud. He already has a theory of the case for why Obama might lose an election. Rest assured that you’ll be hearing more from him about it if Romney pulls this thing out next month.

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