Who's up from some Wednesday "October surprises" from Trump and Gloria Allred?

When I first heard Trump was ready to dump something, I assumed like you that it’d be Birther-related. Today’s first rumor, though, was about youthful drug-dealing. Is that the big surprise? Nope:

“Mr. Trump’s announcement is substantially more important to the American people than these allegations made against the president,” Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, told TheDC by phone on Tuesday.

Today’s second rumor was that Trump had somehow discovered divorce papers drawn up in the distant past between Mr. and Mrs. O. Is that the big surprise? Doesn’t sound like it:

Uh, that’s good, because unless the phantom divorce papers contained something scandalous, the invasion of privacy would probably boomerang into a burst of sympathy for O. Besides, the way Trump has been selling this, it sounds like he has something grander in mind:

“I have something very, very big concerning the President of the United States,” Trump said. “[It is] large – bordering on gigantic… “It’s all in one. Everything. It’s very big — bigger than anybody would know.”

Trump, who has endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for President, and is in regular contact with his campaign, according to the New York Daily News, said it could “possibly” affect the election, noting to Fox & Friends that they would likely cover it “in a very big fashion.”

Very, very big, bordering on gigantic, to the point of possibly being game-changing. Which can only mean … yeah, it’s probably some Birther rehash. Ah well.

As for Allred, Ace has some theories and preemptive debunkery. The speculation is that she’s after testimony about Romney allegedly urging a woman in his congregation not to have an abortion, or maybe urging a different woman to give her child up for adoption. No clue, but as liberals ease into the desperation phase of the campaign, it’s a safe bet that something related to Mormonism and/or a talking point for the “war on women” is on tap. That’d be a fitting way for the Obama reelection effort to end, frankly. They’ve run through every other distraction they could find; no surprise that they’d kitchen-sink it with Romney neck and neck down the stretch.