Video: "Zero Dark Thirty" trailer

A few days old but worth it if you haven’t seen it yet. I posted the first trailer back in August but that was more of a teaser, to give the audience a taste of atmosphere. This one’s nearly twice as long and has more of the narrative arc. Spoiler alert: They find Bin Laden.

Lots of standard hyper-tense action-thriller dialogue to endure here, but the last 10 seconds suggest they won’t skimp on the payoff. I stand by what I said last time: Given the subject matter, this flick could disappoint but there’s really no way it can “fail.” Even if the first two hours consist entirely of bureaucrats sitting around conference tables engaged in superheated movie blather (“It’s too risky!” “People’s lives are at stake!”), an effective 10-minute finale at the compound will redeem all of it. One thing I’m not thrilled about, though: It looks from this like the film will revolve mainly around a few characters at the CIA (which stands to reason, since it’s basically a CIA production). That’s fine for most movies but in this case I’m more interested in the nuts and bolts of the mission than the personal melodramas of the people who made it happen. If anyone in this film gives a speech longer than, say, six seconds, we’re in trouble.

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