Biden: You're darned right Obama and I want to raise a trillion dollars in new taxes

Via BuzzFeed, reminds of the end of “A Few Good Men,” i.e. a ruinous admission against interest made in a fit of bravado by one of America’s sexiest grandpas. Who ordered the code red on the economy? Obama did, baby. And damned proud of it. See now why Romney’s taken to selling “Honest Joe” t-shirts in his campaign store?

This comes less than a day after The Hill published a piece titled, ominously, “Obama lets Biden talk off-script.” If you want to know what that means in practice, here you go:

One of his interactions, which was particularly priceless, occurred as Mr. Biden stopped at a food counter and poured himself a cup of vegetable beef soup while lamenting that he had to take it to go in order not to be late for the rally.

“They’re hard on me, man,” Mr. Biden said to his fellow shoppers. “This vice president stuff is tough.”…

Mr. Biden also chatted with a woman named Karen Foley, who told the reporter in attendance he jokingly introduced himself as “Joe Finnegan” because she had an Irish last name. When Ms. Foley responded that she was aware of who Mr. Biden really was, she said he responded with a compliment.

“You’re very pretty,” he said.

This is the guy they’re banking on for a debate rebound next week. Against Paul Ryan.

Exit question: Which angle does the GOP take in attacking Obama over this clip? Presumably it’ll be the usual pushback on taxing job creators, which is an especially bad idea when the economy’s still straining to cope with Obamanomics, but I hope someone gently reminds the middle class that even a trillion dollars in new taxes on the rich won’t get us out from under the debt load of Great Society II. If you want Obama-style spending and entitlements, you — Joe Sixpack — had better be prepared to start kicking in a bunch more. I’m hoping Ryan brings this up next week, but given the fears of Mediscaring down the stretch, he might be under orders to tread lightly.

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