Exciting new Obama merchandise: The "O" logo American flag

Go have a look before they yank it down, as it’s already disappeared from a campaign tweet after people complained. That’s vintage 2008-style propaganda, made pathetic by the ruins of Hopenchange hype all around us. Makes me chuckle to think of dumb liberals, who were so disappointed in various ways by his first term, suddenly snapping up copies of it in a burst of election fervor secretly knowing all the while that they’re bound to be disappointed again. Only 35 bucks, guys. What better way to brighten up a tasteful progressive rec room than with an Obamamerican flag?

While we’re on the subject of creepy campaign propaganda, do we need to talk about this?

Ace already explored the distinct Gacy-ish vibe here at length so I won’t get into that. Let me add just two things. One: What sort of lens were they using on this camera to make Messina’s head look roughly half the size that it should be? Two, for the fellas: There’s no circumstance I can think of where it’s a good idea to write messages on your hands. You may think you look like Robert Mitchum in “Night of the Hunter,” i.e. crazy yet bad-ass, but really you just look like this guy, i.e. not bad-ass but still distinctly crazy. Do you want to frighten children on the street? Then don’t do this.

I’ll leave you with this. You’re welcome.