Ed and Erika wrote about it this morning so I feel obliged. One of the few bad things about blogging every day is that eventually your readers have heard all of your stories (repeatedly), but a few people on Twitter were kind enough this morning to recommend my remembrances of 9/11 from 2009 so there’s the link for the benefit of newbies. I like this short piece from last year, too. It’s hard to express what it was like to endure 9/11 as a lifelong New Yorker but those two posts do a serviceable job, I think. I feel guilty about looking at the attack through that lens, too: The United States was the target, not the city, and so to feel some special claim on what happened because it happened nearby is to do an injustice to the 300 million of you who weren’t here. You were affronted as much as we were. I bear that in mind always, but reminders of the lost city intrude. That’s what last year’s post was about. They attacked us at Home, and at home.

Here’s a sentimental favorite from the lost city that I hope you’ll find affecting, wherever your own home is. The bit at the end starting at around 14:50 is as lovely as a punch in the gut can be.

Watch World Trade Center Construction Footage on PBS. See more from American Experience.