Video: Convention devoted to women celebrates Ted Kennedy unironically

I won’t run through the usual litany of misdeeds. If you don’t already know them by heart, you’ll commit them to memory eventually when you finally tire of liberals screeching at you for “hating women” while holding this guy up as a secular saint. (Chappaquiddick material is abundant online, but this post will get you up to speed on another legendary incident.) I’ve got to say, in all sincerity: I appreciate their brazenness in building a convention around the theme of a “war on women” while not only inviting Bill Clinton to be a headline speaker but having a video tribute to Teddy to start things off. They’re all but admitting that their pretense of moral superiority really is just a pose taken for political effect. If John Edwards had walked out onstage to a standing ovation after this clip ended, it would have been one of the most honest moments in recent convention history. Alas, a missed opportunity.

The clip was introduced, by the way, by Joseph Kennedy III, who’s looking to replace Barney Frank. At the moment America has no Kennedys in Congress and, well, that simply won’t do in a dynastic country that values hereditary aristocracy like ours does, so good luck with your political career, Joe.