Video: Metaphor of the day

To cleanse the palate, I’ll give you two options on this. One: It’s a metaphor for the Democrats’ Mediscare offensive ever since Paul Ryan joined the ticket. Two: It’s a metaphor for Romney’s decision to let Clint Eastwood do that performance art piece in primetime. I’m sticking with number one, partly because it makes me feel good and partly because I’m not remotely convinced that Eastwood is any kind of liability for Mitt.

Having watched this three times, I still don’t understand why the Towson guys tackled him. Granted, it didn’t really matter — the play was ultimately ruled dead as soon as the ball was touched near Towson’s end zone — but that’s some mighty dumb football all around. Exit question: What percentage of the reaction to Eastwood’s speech on both sides is being driven purely by partisanship? Ninety-seven? Ninety-eight?