Biden to table of Greek men: “I’m Joe Bidenopoulos”

There are two categories of Biden idiocies, the ones that are genuinely offensive (“They gon’ put y’all back in chains”) and the ones that aren’t really offensive but would certainly be treated that way if he was a Republican. This one is a category two, I think, although admittedly the line is fine. If he went up to a table of Italian men and called himself “Joe Bidini,” that’s probably okay. If he went up to a table of Jewish men and called himself “Joe Bidenstein,” a little dodgier. If he went up to a table of Chinese men and called himself “Joe Wang,” he’d be in trouble even though, let’s face it, a lot of people would giggle.

I like to imagine him saying this in that funny Indian accent he sometimes uses:

Approaching a table of men he knew to be Greek, the VP said, “I’m Joe Bidenopoulos.”

“Ask George,” he said – unclear who George was, maybe someone at the table –“who’s the most Greek Irishman he’s ever known.” Sounded like Biden was suggesting he is.

He moved on to a table of three women, sitting down briefly, before moving on to one where two women were sitting.

“Let’s dance,” he said to one, named Jennifer, as she stood up right next to him. They posed for a photo before he turned to her tablemate, who was wearing scrubs, and asked, ‘Are you a nurse?” He then sat down and started speaking to her quietly, presumably about nurses.

Then, he posed with a group of restaurant staff and owners, and was talking about Greek food and rice pudding.

“Can I get some rice pudding to go?” he asked, just before the pool was ushered out at 1:05 p.m. Now holding in van.

Not sure how the pool reporter knew that Biden knew the men at the table were Greek. The story’s actually a lot funnier if you assume that he didn’t. But oh well. Kudos to whoever wrote this report for capturing the essence of the man. The “rice pudding” line really tops off his stream-of-consciousness doofishness perfectly.

Six days left until the liberal dream of Vice President Hillary officially dies, my friends. Tick tock.