Newest racist dog whistle: "Chicago"

Via the Right Newz and Newsbusters, this one’s much easier than Lawrence O’Donnell’s tortured “golf = racist” theory last night. Just a few easy steps: Obama administration –> corruption –> “Chicago” –> black neighborhoods –> racism. Say this for Tingles: In a week packed with moronic media race-baiting, with his co-hosts at MSNBC locked in an endless game of dog-whistle oneupsmanship, he’s somehow managed to stand out. This is really his niche; the rest of the press will play racial code-word parlor games sporadically, when the GOP is on the offensive and the left needs a little extra help, but Matthews does it all year long. Must be rewarding for him to see his perseverance pay off with recognition. This week is basically the dog-whistle Olympics for the media and he’s got the gold all but locked up with a day still to go. Hats off.

If you’re wondering what other phrases in common usage will soon be treated as thinly veiled racist attacks once they turn up in a Mitt Romney speech, this new list from the State Department might help. It’s not campaign related, but as DARPA could tell you, government innovations have a way of turning up in the civilian sector sooner or later. In the meantime, two clips for you here, one of the “Chicago” theory and the other of the master himself holding forth on why the GOP’s support of traditional values and a more laissez faire economy means “return to slavery” to a lot of people. If he’s like this now, imagine him mid-October if Obama’s staring at a three- or four-point deficit.

Update: Over at Townhall, Allen West wonders if Matthews is off his meds.