New conservative ad: The faded Obama poster on the wall

From Crossroads Generation, a new spot recalling the most memorable line from Ryan’s speech last night. Much like the Democrats’ Mediscare tactics, this ad is designed less to get a core constituency from the other side to cross over, I think, than it is to convince them to stay home on election day. Because let’s face it: If young adults, of all people, are willing to back O’s negligence on Medicare more than any other age group, their votes really aren’t gettable. They’re locked in. They bought the Hopenchange myth, to the point where some of them are still darned proud of that faded poster. But if you force them to stare at how little O’s done for them, that might convince some critical mass that he’s not worth voting for, even if he’s worth rooting for. That’s the best you can hope for here, I think. If I’m being too eeyorish, I’m happy to stand corrected. Evidence, please?

Update: A friend e-mails with a fair point:

[T]hink you miss the audience for Ryan’s line. Ryan’s appeal to unemployed college kids living in their childhood bedrooms may not get THEM to vote against Obama… but it sure as hell will get their *pissed-off parents* to vote against Obama.

Want to appeal to “women voters”? Promise exhausted moms that the GOP will get their slacker kids off the couch and into their own jobs and apartments.