Convention protest update: Giant puppets, vagina costumes on the scene

To cleanse the palate, via the Shark Tank, I was afraid the storm might disrupt the left’s counterprogramming too. But no, no, this is pretty much par for the course. Only one giant papier-mache Romney puppet thus far (“King of the 1%”), but give it time. Everything’s right on track.

Or is it?

The Tampa war room that Democrats opened on Saturday has fallen silent, a testament to the power of a tropical storm and the dispiriting optics of savaging an opposing party while convention delegates shield themselves from pelting rain and slashing winds.

Vice President Joe Biden has canceled all Florida events. At first, the vice president, who had been set to become the first in American history to bash the opposing party in its convention city, scrubbed just his campaigning in Tampa. For a few hours, he clung to the idea of stumping in Orlando with actress Eva Longoria, a cochairwoman of President Obama’s reelection campaign. But that event, too, has been axed.

The Democratic National Committee also canceled all anti-GOP events on Sunday and Monday. Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz ditched a Sunday press conference designed to slam Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan over their proposed changes to Medicare. She was to stand with Florida state Sen. Arthenia Joyner and Abel Rivera, described by the committee as a “local senior.” The DNC’s war room near the GOP convention site at the Tampa Bay Times Forum will also be quiet on Monday.

Storm optics are as dicey for Democrats potentially as they are for the GOP. At a moment when tone is so important, count on the man or woman dressed as giant labia to strike just the right note.

Two clips here, one of Code Pink arriving in Tampa and the other of them “preparing” 10 days ago. Enjoy the giggles now, as things are apt to turn darker later this week. These people are clowns. The real muscle will be there soon.