Obama's response to '03 question on late-term abortions: "I am pro-choice"

Via John McCormack, whose post you should read as a refresher on how dismal The One’s abortion record is. In fact, it’s so dismal that I think it undercuts the power of the clip he found. Show of hands: Who didn’t already assume before watching this that Obama supports “choice” in virtually every conceivable situation, including when a baby emerges alive after a botched abortion? I realize, per McCormack, that O endorsed banning late-term abortions in 2008, but he said a lot of things he doesn’t really believe to get elected four years ago. Where is he on this now? If he’s willing to “evolve” on gay marriage, by which I mean openly advocate what he’s secretly believed for decades, he should feel safe enough in his lame-duck term to make the case for Week 39 abortions, no? He’s already got Sandra Fluke writing campaign e-mails for him, as I learned around an hour ago; imagine how impressed feminists would be if he finally exploded the facade that the Democratic Party is meaningfully opposed to abortion in any circumstance.

On a related note:

Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan will give the benediction at the Republican National Convention on the night Mitt Romney accepts the presidential nomination. The cardinal’s spokesman said the appearance was not an endorsement.

Dolan is the New York archbishop and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops…

The archdiocese is one of more than 40 Catholic groups suing President Barack Obama over his mandate that employers provide health insurance that includes free birth control as a preventive service.

To emphasize that he’s not endorsing Romney, Dolan says he’ll give the benediction at the Democratic National Convention too if they want. But of course, the point of the RNC inviting him isn’t to claim his endorsement. It’s to push him back into the news and entice the media into interviewing him about O’s contraception mandate, a useful reminder to Catholic voters about where their church stands shortly before the Democratic convention has itself a big pro-choice jamboree 10 days from now. Good retail politics. Whether giving Dolan a media soapbox to challenge O will convince any Catholic fencesitters to actually tilt Republican, though, I don’t know. Didn’t work out too well last time.