Obama to upstage GOP convention by unleashing garrulous idiot on Tampa

No word yet on what they have planned but, Joe being Joe, expect a press conference aimed at Cuban-Americans with Biden speaking in a fakey Latino accent. And maybe wearing a sombrero, like all the real Cubans wear.

He knows how to “connect” with blue-collar minority communities, you see. The media keeps telling me that, so it must be true.

Vice President Joe Biden will hold a rally with supporters next Monday in Tampa, on what will be the first day of the Republican convention, according to a Democratic source cited by the Washington Post.

It would be an unprecedented move for a presidential or vice presidential candidate to crash a rival convention; the parties have traditionally allowed each other to take center stage during their convention week and used the time to fundraise and rest.

The White House says he’ll be there on Tuesday too, which is plenty of time for some table-pounding about the middle class and maybe a joke or two about Indian convenience-store clerks. And yes, before you ask, there will be Republican reprisals:

“I think it’s pretty common among parties to play with each other’s conventions, and we’ll have a pretty big presence in Charlotte as well,” [RNC chief Reince] Priebus said. “The nice thing about going first is that whatever they do to us, we can do ten times over to them.”

Does that mean that Romney may counter-program the Democratic convention in Charlotte next month? Priebus replied “You never know where we are going to be.”

“I’m a big believer in: if they punch us, we put on the brass knuckles and punch back,” he added.

Who could the RNC send to Charlotte to make a big splash while the Democratic convention is going on? I’m thinking Christie: The point of counterprogramming the other party’s convention is to intrude on their week-long media monopoly, and no one would draw media like Christie in tough-guy mode on Democratic turf would. He’d be fresh off his keynote at the convention too, so if that goes well (as everyone expects it will) there’ll be even more public interest in him. Short of that, who else? Rubio, maybe? Or what about Nikki Haley? She’s from a neighboring state and would challenge the round-the-clock “war on women” crapola that Democrats are planning for their convention. And if you think I’m exaggerating that, check out who’s just been invited to speak.