Deadline passes: Akin defies calls to drop out

I didn’t listen to his interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon but conservative tweeters were rapt. This sounds promising:

And here’s something that, coming from most other pols, I’d chalk up to feigned ignorance of a politically inconvenient fact. In this case? Not so sure:

According to Geraghty, Hannity ended the segment by saying, “The person who’s going to be happiest with this interview is Claire McCaskill.” You think? I don’t know: Akin’s inner circle seems downright psyched about this glorious opportunity to overcome adversity.

On the seemingly dire politics of staying in the race, Akin advisers assert, “The truth might work,” referring to what they consider his sincere apology.

Projecting unusual confidence in the face of so much opposition, advisers even predicted that Akin will be sworn into office in January “stronger having endured and overcome.”

And they claim he will consider this experience a “blessing,” because Akin would have a new national audience for his grassroots causes and be better able to speak to people who believe the political process has “left them by the side of the road.”

If overcoming this gaffe will leave him a little bit stronger, imagine how much stronger he’ll be after overcoming the inevitable four or five major gaffes still to come. One more thing from the Hannity bit:

Not a bad development for Romney to have a guy as radioactive as this suddenly grumbling publicly about him, but I can’t remember the last time the GOP’s presidential nominee and its Senate nominee in a key swing state were publicly on the outs.

I’m tempted to end this with the traditional Hot Air “melting bunny of despair” clip, but when it comes to video expressions of fear and loathing, we can do better than that now, can’t we?