Todd Akin to appear on Piers Morgan's show tonight, or maybe not; Update: Not

9 p.m. ET on CNN — if it happens. As I write this, Morgan’s show says he’s booked:

Dana Loesch says he’s not:

Can’t wait for the backstory on the mixed signals. Presumably he was booked at some point and then, after he flailed for 10 minutes on Hannity’s show, his advisors figured out that sending him onto a set with someone who’s openly hostile wouldn’t be smart. Or maybe he made a decision after he was booked to drop out and will be announcing that soon instead? In that case, er, why’s he buying up online ads vowing that he won’t quit? Strange things afoot tonight, no matter what happens on CNN at 9. Here’s your thread for reaction.

While we wait, via Mediaite, here’s Reince Priebus shoving Akin towards the exit with both hands, to the point where he declares flatly that he’d rather not see him show up at the convention. The latest name being kicked around as a possible replacement: Jo Ann Emerson, who’s been elected comfortably to the House by southeastern Missouri for the past 16 years.

Update: Am hearing on Twitter that Morgan’s show opened with a shot of an empty chair and that he called Akin a “gutless little twerp” for canceling. Like I say, can’t wait for the backstory.