Video: Protester spits in Romney supporter's face in Wisconsin

The spitter’s exactly whom you’d expect: An 83-year-old woman. Wait, what?

Over at the Corner, David French theorizes on leftist incivility:

The heartland of American leftism is less intellectually diverse than any large conservative community in the United States. The entire cities of New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. are less politically diverse than your average Evangelical megachurch…

It is a truism of American life that unless a conservative turns off all technology, grabs a gun and a dog, and heads for the hills, he will be exposed to an avalanche of liberal thought and ideas — in education, television, movies, and the Internet. Liberals, by contrast, can and often do live lives isolated from conservative thought, and their ignorance of our ideas is starting to show.

Intriguing, but maybe inapposite in this case. Thanks to Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, Wisconsin liberals are getting a snoutful of conservative ideas these days. Or is that the whole point — that reality’s finally crashing in after decades of epistemic closure and the more excitable types can’t quite cope?

Two clips for you, one of the spitting and the other, via Ace and Liberty Chick, of an impromptu tutorial by left-wing protesters for Obama staffers in Oakland on the joys of Occupation.