Good news: Devo's back -- with a song about Romney putting his dog on the car roof

Via Washington Whispers, which has the lyrics. Admittedly, “Now the brown’s comin’ down” has a certain poetic flair.

One of the band’s members tells Rolling Stone that the song’s more about loving animals than it is about politics and that he totally doesn’t approve of Obama’s job performance. Oh, also: He’ll be voting for Obama again this year, and the song contains lines like these:

Your master’s story seems air-tight
But somethin’ about him isn’t right
He’ll say anything to win the race
Wish you could rise up from your grave
And tell the world
How his smile hides
The soul of an angry little man

Seamus Seamus please come back
Your master’s pigged-out on Super-pacs

An “angry little man”? Who once saved a dog — and his owners — from drowning? And helped a poor couple buy a home they couldn’t otherwise afford? The most irritating thing about the Rolling Stone interview isn’t that this guy’s anti-Romney or that he’s part of the left’s tedious “the corporations are really running the country, man” wing, it’s that he’s putting out the truth-to-power vibe when he won’t even speak the truth about a target as big and often hapless as Mitt. If you dislike the guy for being rich and square and conservative-ish, just say so. Drop the phony cruelty narrative. It’s a transparently self-serving way for a leftist disappointed by Obama to justify voting for him again while maintaining a smug “pox on both their houses” above-it-all pose.

By the way, our fearless leader, who supposedly welcomes a campaign of ideas, made another Seamus joke on the stump today.