Video: Lifelike talking-points robot doesn't like being reminded that Ryan's Medicare plan won't affect seniors

Guy Benson did a nice job of writing this up but really, there’s no comment necessary. The clips speak for themselves. Job one for Democrats: Lie your ass off in the interest of convincing seniors that Romney and Ryan are prepared to reduce Medicare benefits for everyone, regardless of age, instead of exempting people aged 55 and over as Ryan has promised. When that doesn’t work — and thanks to a surprisingly dogged Wolf Blitzer, it doesn’t — shift to plan B by arguing that Romney and Ryan are prepared to reduce Medicare for the grandmas of the future, which could totally be avoided if we just keep reelecting Democrats and have the magical unicorn in Obama’s backyard fart out a few new trillion-dollar bills to keep the program solvent. No mention of the unicorn here by Debbie, alas, but be patient. I think they might be ready to roll him out at the convention.

Mark my words. By October, Wasserman-Schultz will be doing these segments standing next to old ladies who are eating Fancy Feast out of the can. “Is this what you want, America?”