Huntsman to speak at Democratic convention?

Huntsman’s daughter has already issued a firm denial but Mike Flynn says he has very credible sources telling him it’s happening. And let’s face it: If it’s not happening, it probably should. It feels right, doesn’t it? Imagine him at the podium, blasting away at the “backwardness” of conservatives, a teary John Weaver watching rapt from the crowd, fist pumping in the air after every broadside aimed at the “yahoos.”

We already know Democrats are eager to have “sensible” Republicans at the convention. C’mon, Ax. Make it happen.

I have to admit, the Huntsman candidacy for President never made much sense to me. When it began I thought: wait, this guy served in the Obama Administration and now wants to run against him? And I didn’t really get any further than that. Maybe, though, it was simply Himalayan-sized political ambition. According to very credible sources, Huntsman has accepted a speaking slot at the Democrat convention in Charlotte next month.

So, first the guy stabs the GOP in the back to work for Obama. Then, he stabs Obama in the back to run against him. And now Huntsman’s political circle-of-life is complete; once again, apparently, stabbing the GOP in the back to campaign for Obama…

If the information is accurate, it does provide a telling context for Jon Huntsman Sr.’s out-of-the-blue attack today on Mitt Romney’s taxes and rumors that he is the “source” for Harry Reid’s wild allegation over those taxes.

Here’s the out-of-the-blue attack that Flynn mentions. Huntsman Sr denies being the source of Reid’s tax evasion smear but does call on Romney, in surprisingly strong terms, to start disclosing his tax returns. Hmmmm. Even so, I can think of two reasons why Junior wouldn’t show up at the Democratic convention to carry water for The One. First, he’s already endorsed Romney (tepidly, but still) and had plenty of criticism for Obama on the trail in New Hampshire. Even if he’s willing to repudiate that now, the RNC would have such fun during the Dems’ convention running soundbites of Huntsman praising Romney and dumping on O that it’s probably not worth it for Axelrod to have him speak even if he’s willing.

Second, what does Huntsman gain by speaking at the Democratic convention? He’s not going to be appointed to any new positions by Obama after campaigning against him this past year. If he’s looking to return to a position of power, he’s better off swallowing his pride and making nice with Romney and the GOP. Don’t forget either that he comes from one of the reddest states in America. When (if?) Hatch finally retires in six years, he’ll be well positioned via his name recognition and financial advantage to succeed him. Even if he doesn’t end up running as a Republican in order to avoid a tea-party challenge in the primary, I would think that he’s better off not stabbing the state’s ruling party in the back by appearing at the convention on behalf of a president who’s going to lose 65 percent of the state vote. In fact, the only reason for him to do this that makes sense to me is that he’s already planning an independent run for president in 2016 and is eager to show a national audience his willingness to cross the aisle and work with the other team. But he can’t possibly be planning another run for president. Can he?