Bill Burton: You're darned right that I stand by that sleazy Super PAC ad

Via Greg Hengler. I know the clip’s long but (a) the first 3:45 is just background stuff, so feel free to skip it, and (b) the rest of it represents quite possibly the most sustained bout of skepticism on cable TV towards an Obama mouthpiece that Team Hopenchange has had to endure in four years. If you can’t watch it all, just watch Burton for two or three minutes starting at 4:15. Like I said yesterday, the amazing thing about this ad isn’t that it’s so sleazy; we may yet see sleazier before November. The amazing thing is that the spot is completely devoid of any actual point or argument. The closest it comes is suggesting that layoffs are always unconscionable because people depend on the insurance they get from their jobs. But Burton can’t argue that; Obama has enough problems with business that he can’t afford to flirt with “only monsters lay people off” demagoguery. So he’s left here arguing … nothing. Really. Watch him and see if you can find a discernible point beyond the slackjawed obviousness that bad things can happen to people when they’re out of work. Thanks to the disapproving stares he gets from Blitzer and company, he ends up bending over backward to say that they’re not blaming Romney for the death of Soptic’s wife — which is sort of like Romney running an ad about unemployment and then saying Obama bears no responsibility for the economy. If the other guy’s not to blame, why does the ad exist in the first place?

Look out for Wolf’s lecture at 12:25. Remember when this was going to be a campaign about competing visions for America?