Rumor of the day: First Romney fundraiser with VP "may" be in Florida on Sunday

Yes, yes, I know — pure speculation, as thin as tissue paper. Get used to it. No less than Karl Rove thinks the pick could come as soon as Friday, so the full force of VP frenzy will soon be upon us. Don’t be surprised if we’re a little more lax in relaying rumors than we usually are in the meantime.

The source:

Ana Navarro was Hispanic co-chair of McCain’s 2008 campaign and Huntsman’s campaign this year. She knows people — and one person she’s known for a long time is Marco Rubio. BuzzFeed described her as a “top ally” of his when she hinted back in June that Romney advisor Stuart Stevens, a former Crist advisor, might have leaked the news in May that Rubio wasn’t yet being vetted for VP. If she’s telling the truth here then there’s every reason to suspect that Rubio’s the pick: She knows him and his circle well so she’s well positioned for an inside scoop and, needless to say, a big rollout fundraiser in Rubio’s home state shortly after the announcement makes perfect sense.

Or, maybe she knows nothing and is blowing smoke in order to build buzz for her preferred choice. She’s obviously no great fan of Stevens; this would be a way to get back at him for the perceived slight in May. As I say, my friends: As thin as tissue paper. By way of a possible preview of the campaign trail, via Bryan Preston, here’s Rubio showing off his attack-dog skills earlier today. Excellent stuff, especially in light of The One’s sleazy smear this morning.