New Romney Super PAC ad: "Olympics"

Straightforward but really solid. As Guy Benson says, this one’s hitting on all cylinders: Timely, upbeat, keyed to Mitt’s core strength as a manager, and with a national security subplot to boot. Plus, the Olympics is the one part of his resume that everyone can relate to. He won’t talk much about his term as governor because he doesn’t want any RomneyCare headaches, and he can’t talk much about his time at Bain because (a) many voters don’t understand what private equity does and (b) he’s being demagogued every which way but loose by Team O for it. But everyone gets the storyline here: Shambolic Salt Lake games salvaged by a whiz who knows how to make a fat, creaking bureaucracy shape up. My only real criticism is that there are now less than 100 days to go before polls open and I feel like this is the first time we’re getting an affirmative reason to vote for him. Am I wrong about that? Was there some other effective positive ad by Team Romney or the Super PAC that I’m overlooking? Until now, every spot might as well have ended with, “Four more years? Seriously?” Which, admittedly, would be a pretty solid slogan.

Two ads for you, one the Olympics spot and the other also a very effective ad from Romney’s campaign, albeit with a sharply different tone.