Mary Katharine and Krauthammer on Romney's Olympics comments: What was he thinking?

Via Mediaite. MK was planning to write about this but I got to the story first, so I want to make sure she has her say on the front page too. Here she is on “Special Report,” in sync with the other ‘Hammer in mystification at Mitt’s strategy. How did it come to pass that a candidate famous — infamous, even — for being cautious and scripted decided to venture a little candid criticism of his host country on a goodwill tour? So fixed is the narrative of a Romney foreign gaffe-o-rama now that the dumb lefty British press is straining to find screw-ups even where they don’t exist. Ah well. His trip to Israel will be even easier than this one. No one can mess that up. I think.

Exit question: Is it time for Team Mitt to start pushing some counter-spin? After all, who wants a president who’ll tell foreign nations what they want to hear? What we need is a leader with the stones to sit down, look them in the eye, and say that they need to step it up on a global event for which they’ve spent the past seven years preparing.