Video: The freaky triple deaky San Diego fireworks accident

To cleanse the palate. I was going to do a post on the Higgs boson, but what would you rather spend time on? Reading a dummy like me try to find insight about a fantastically complex matter of particle physics or watching the single most awesome 15 seconds of fireworks that you’ll ever see? The bad news: The crowd apparently was bummed that hours of waiting outside paid off with less than half a minute of sparkly fun goodness. The good news: I’m reasonably sure that this is going to be the first Instagram pic to win a Pulitzer. Looks like a sexy space amoeba descending to Earth to spread love and music and hallucinogens and maybe a radioactive pathogen that’ll kill us all. Can’t wait to see which band buys the rights to it as cover art for their next album.

Exit question: What if they didn’t discover the Higgs boson after all? What if instead they discovered an unknown particle that inadvertently summoned the sexy space amoeba? A point worth considering on a very slow news night, my friends.

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