EU discovers secret to recruiting women scientists: Fashion

To cleanse the palate, a video from our European betters that’s being received by actual women scientists precisely as you’d expect. True story: Marie Curie’s curiosity about radium developed when she noticed the substance’s resemblance to hot pink lip gloss. No no, kidding, of course. It was red lip gloss.

If this video feels familiar, it probably means you’re a fan of old SNL episodes. I’ve added a second clip below to jog your memory, just in case. Oh, and yes, there is of course an accompanying website with the “i” in “science” replaced by lipstick. Exit question for the professional women in our readership: Is this how your ambitions began? One day you saw a woman doctor rocking an amazing pair of shoes, and that’s when you knew: Surgeon. And now here you are.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022